Personalized Dog Harness Striped custom embroidered with Name - Blue or Coral Stripe S-XL

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Soft striped harness with your Pet's Name 

custom embroidered on the chest

Sizes S - XL

Teacup to up to a 30" chest

Made of 100% polyester

Machine wash gentle on cold

Hang to dry

Striped Harness Blue BaxterStriped Harness GRACIE Coral


Blue Striped harness with Baxter in Classic Block and Red Thread                         Coral Striped harness with GRACIE in Block all capitals and Green Blue Turquoise thread


Coral Striped harness, Sunshine in Curlz letters Coral thread


Blue Striped (Dark Blue, Green, Light Blue, Yellow, Red and White Stripes, trimmed in blue)... Black leash available

Recommended thread colors: Red, Emerald Green, Black, White, 

Coral Striped (Blue, Green, Yellow, Turquoise, Coral and White stripes, trimmed in coral)...Coral leash available

Recommended thread colors: Green Blue Turquoise, Coral, Lime Green, Black


Soft dog harnesses distribute the pressure through your dog's chest and shoulders rather than on it's neck, so important and safer especially for smaller breeds.

Be sure to check the sizing of each harness and compare your pet's measurements to the actual measurements of the harness in the listing to ensure a proper fit.  Soft dog harness neck openings slip over your pet's head much like a t-shirt neck opening slips over your not only is your dog's neck measurement important but also the circumference of your dog's head so it will fit through. If your dog has a very broad head you may need to go up a size or if your dog is very long you may need to go up a size.  Please feel free to contact us with help on sizing if you are unsure.

Measure your pet

Note: Neck opening must also fit over your dog's head, much like the opening of a t-shirt neck has to fit over your head so be sure to also check your dog's head circumference to make sure it will fit over his/her head

Please measure your pet and compare to Actual measurements of harness..Typical Neck to tail length and Dog weights is just a starting point...Your pet's measurement is what is most important.  Not all harnesses are sized alike so be sure to check the measurements of each harness.

The back length of harness measurement will let you know where from the base of your pet's neck the back will be and the abdominal length measurement of the harness will let you know where on your pet's belly the harness will lie allowing you to determine about where the chest strap will wrap around.  You want the chest strap to fit one to two inches behind the front legs to allow for ease of movement.   If you have a very long dog you may need to go up a size.

Actual Measurements of Harness:


Small:  Head/Neck opening circumference 9", Back length of harness 2 7/8", Abdominal length of harness 5.25",  Chest strap adjusts 12-16",  Typical Neck to tail length 8-10",  Dogs 5 - 8 lbs

Medium: Head/Neck opening circumference 12.5",  Chest strap adjusts 16 - 21" , Back length of harness 3.75", Abdominal length of harness 6.75",  Typical Neck to tail length 12",  Dogs 8-15 lbs

Large:  Head/Neck opening circumference 16.5",  Chest strap adjusts 19 - 26" , Back length of harness 4 5/8", Abdominal Length of harness 8", Typical Neck to tail length 14-16",  Dogs 15-20 lbs

XL:  Head/Neck opening circumference 17", Chest strap adjusts 21 - 30.5", Back length of harness 5.75", Abdominal length of harness 9.75", Typical Neck to tail length 16"+,   Dogs 20-30 lbs


Add phone # for an additional $6.50 - Adding phone # will reduce the size of the Name, on XS and Small the phone number will be added to the shoulder ,  Please give phone # if adding in the Note in shopping cart.

Choose Letter Style:

Classic Block letters

block university font


Classic Script letters

Script Upper Case AlphabetScript Lower Case Alphabet


Curlz letters 

Curlz Alphabet

       Fancy Print letters 

Stuyvesant Script font


      Greek Alphabet 

Greek Alphabet

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon

Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa,

Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron,

Pi, Rho, Sigma,Tau, Upsilon,

   Phi, Chi, Psi, Omega

PWSB Thread color optionsNew Colors:  

Green Blue TurquoiseGreen Blue Turquoise (as shown in Coral striped harness

   CoralMadeira1993Coral (orange pink)